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Working from Home with Remote Solutions and Collaboration Tools

A survey from Service Now reveals that employees have settled into working from home during COVID-19 although almost 40% of remote workers claim that technology is a barrier to productivity.  Improved technology would increase productivity for more than one quarter of office workers with increased access to collaborative tools, communication, workflow management and remote training.

Embracing technology is essential for remote workers to be productive.  Remote workers need a laptop, a dedicated workspace, a cell phone and a good connection with home internet speed at or above 25 Mbps to allow you to upload and download files, browse the internet and have Teams meetings.  To check out your internet speeds, search online for “internet speed tests”.

Remote Solutionsq

Splashtop is a high-performance desktop solution that gives users easy access to all your business applications and data. All remote sessions are encrypted by two factor authentication (2FA) for security. Splashtop will increase your organization’s productivity with customized shortcuts. Its high-performance streaming technology includes HD video, synchronized audio and 3D graphics which delivers an engaging user experience.

SonicWall SSL VPN provides users with remote access to your organization’s network and applications. Secure remote access is essential for business to protect private communication and information when you are using an unsecured external network. This connection can be made on most of your devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Collaboration Tools for Virtual Teams

Collaboration improves productivity and efficiency for your team and has become the “new normal” during the pandemic. Your online collaboration tool should be based on a platform for communication that is accessible for desktop computers and mobile devices.

Microsoft Teams is versatile and brings everything together that a team needs – chats and threaded conversations, calling, meetings, video conferencing and content collaboration.

Managed IT Services

A new survey done by Syntax of 500 management level or above found that the decision makers were not confident with their existing security and are turning to managed IT services in response to the spike in cyberattacks. Managed IT services are cost effective and provide secure solutions for organizations. Managed services providers can help with performing a network security assessment, provide recommendations and implement necessary fixes.

PlexxTech can help you evaluate and implement collaboration solutions that meet your remote work requirements. Working with our technology partners, we offer collaboration tools, remote access solutions and managed IT services.

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Service Now Survey

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