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Benefits of Managed Cloud for your Business

Managed Private Cloud Services provide your business the privacy and availability it needs. Private clouds are affordable and adaptable – you pay for what you use. Small and medium businesses (SMB’s) and enterprise have adopted the cloud because of its many benefits.

Flexible and Saves your Money

Businesses realize that IT infrastructure is costly.  A Managed Private Cloud saves you money and provides value. Private clouds are adaptable and scalable when you need extra storage space.  Your business has the option to scale down should it need to.

Data Backup and Remote Access

SMB’s realize the importance of backing up data.  The Cloud facilitates the backup process by updating your work automatically.  Remote access gives you the ability to work from home in bad weather and to access remote offices.  Leading-edge remote desktop software proactively manages risks to keep your business secure and productive.


Cloud security consists of controls, technologies and procedures that protect your data and infrastructure.  These security measures are in compliance with industry regulations and standards.  A managed cloud service provider keeps up with ever changing technologies. The provider will manage service reliability, disaster recovery and infrastructure security giving you peace of mind.

Moving to the cloud offers an opportunity to align with corporate goals for risk management.  Cloud providers will keep up with innovative security technologies so you can focus on your business operations.

Does your business have an automatic, encrypted cloud-based backup service so that you have multiple copies of your data? PlexxTech has a private cloud which provides a higher level of security and privacy for your infrastructure. If you are interested in automated, encrypted backups saved to the cloud, please give us a call at 416-874-0550.

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