Managed IT Services

System downtime and viruses are time consuming and expensive. You have more important issues to deal with than your network. PlexxTech offers cutting edge services that are affordable, efficient and work within your budget. We analyze your critical business processes, vulnerabilities and perform a threat analysis. Through innovative systems management, we enhance your productivity, eliminate your downtime and increase your ROI.

Combining proactive maintenance and remote monitoring minimizes the failures that could impact your business. Our Managed IT Services is the ideal solution for an organization like yours that demands network reliability and quality service. We provide all the benefits of an internal IT department for a fraction of the price. Let us focus on managing your IT so you can focus on your business.

Our Managed IT Services will give you total peace of mind. Whether you are looking for completely outsourced IT or simply seeking a professional consultation for a move, expansion or a system-wide upgrade, PlexxTech can help you.

Proactive Maintenance

Unplanned system downtime is usually the result of poor maintenance. Our preventative maintenance ensures that your servers, PC’s and other vital network devices function optimally, improving your network reliability and security. Our maintenance also includes patch management, remote monitoring, data backups and onsite troubleshooting to avoid breakdowns in your network.

Remote Monitoring and Management

PlexxTech Solutions uses Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) to monitor the stability and security of your complete IT infrastructure 24/7/365. Optimal network stability is achieved through proactive maintenance and remote monitoring of your network devices including desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices, switches, routers and firewalls. Our technicians can remotely install software, updates and administer patches. Small and medium businesses (SMB’s) will appreciate the enterprise level automation at a fixed monthly cost. Our team of technical experts will provide you with regular reports of your network.

Managed Antivirus

Our enterprise grade cybersecurity solution provides multiple layers of virus protection including malware and ransomware. It offers unmatched threat protection and detection. Our endpoint security solution is rated as one of the top anti-virus solutions against threats on the Windows platform with minimal impacts on resources.

Managed Cloud

Many businesses lack the expertise to drive security and efficiency. Our Managed cloud services maximize your performance by standardizing workload deployments through automation. Benefits of our private cloud include a higher level of security and privacy for your infrastructure, scalability and adaptability. The PlexxTech solution uses Azure and our own private cloud.

Managed Devices

Our solution takes away the burden of managing and maintaining your devices so you can focus on your business. We monitor, manage and secure employees’ mobile devices across multiple mobile operating systems whether it is an Apple or Android.

Managed Remote Access

Remote access gives you the ability to work from home in inclement weather and access remote offices. Working from home or on the road allows authorized users to complete crucial tasks. Remote access solutions and leading-edge remote desktop software can proactively manage risks and keep your business productive and secure.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

We know that data and technology are the most important assets to any business. Protecting your data has never been more essential with the targeted cyberattacks we are experiencing. We are proud to offer multiple enterprise level Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services that work for various budgets.With our IT solutions, all your data is sent to the cloud and encrypted using security protocols to keep your data safe. We provide onsite and offsite remote backup solutions using various tools from industry partners to meet the needs of our clients.


Virtualization allows for greater flexibility and control by removing the dependency on a hardware platform. The advantages of using a virtualized environment include quicker backups, lower costs, increased productivity and easier disaster recovery. This enables your business to free up more office space. Virtualization is the most effective way to reduce your IT expenses and improve your efficiency.

Hosted Email Exchange

Microsoft Office 365 is your complete office in the cloud giving you secure access to professional e-mail, shared calendars, instant messaging, online conferencing and collaboration on documents. All these features are available anywhere, anytime. Our hosted e-mail exchange is reliable, easy to use and provides advanced security that protects your information with anti-malware and anti-spam filtering.

Barracuda Spam Filters

PlexxTech is a partner with Barracuda Networks, a provider and reseller of Enterprise Email Security. Spam lowers productivity by flooding in boxes with junk mail and can be used to distribute malware and in large-scale phishing attacks. Barracuda provides advanced security protection including a robust email security gateway that protects your information with anti-malware and anti-spam filtering.All incoming and outgoing emails go through a third-party service that “quarantines” suspicious emails and asks for your approval before delivering them to your inbox. Deployment of spam filters help stop spam before it hits the inbox.

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