SonicWall SSL VPN

provides users with remote access to a company’s private network and applications. Secure remote access is essential for business because it protects private communications and information when you are using an unsecured external network. Features include network access control features which makes sure that devices connecting to your network are safe. This includes checking for anti-spyware and antivirus software, personal firewalls and detecting jailbroken or rooted mobile devices.


is a high-performance desktop solution that gives you easy access to all your business applications and data, anywhere and anytime. All remote sessions are encryption protected by two factor authentication (2FA). Splashtop increases your company’s productivity with customizable shortcuts. Its streaming technology includes 3D graphics, synchronized audio and HD video which delivers an engaging users experience.


TeamViewer allows your employees to connect with each other and be a productive workplace. It has enterprise-class security with end-to-end encryption and scalability without the expense and complexity of VPN. When you have TeamViewer installed you can connect to any computer or mobile device. It is a simple and easy alternative to VPN for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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