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Why Canadian Businesses are Moving to the Cloud

Businesses around the world are reliant on technology to maximize their productivity. This became more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. Deloitte’s 2021 Insights reports that “growth in cloud computing has been a megatrend over the last decade”. IT executives are increasingly embracing in-house data center migration to the cloud. More than 90% of global enterprises will rely on the hybrid cloud by 2022. This is supported by growing confidence in infrastructure and methodologies adapted in cloud hosted data centers to combat cyber criminals. Cloud data centers employ a host of enterprise grade cybersecurity technologies that experts would call a “forcefield” to protect your data.


Medium and large enterprise organizations put their trust in these cloud platforms with their sensitive data and benefit from its cost effective Opex model. Companies no longer have the burden of budgeting for heavy capital investments every three to five years in on-premise IT upgrades, multiple layers of costly devices and software to secure and backup their data, along with redundancy considerations and disaster recovery mechanisms. There are also the costs of electricity and cooling associated with in-house IT infrastructure. The cloud comes with hardware, software and security built in which allows organizations to focus on growing their business.

On-Premises Versus the Cloud

An organization’s worst nightmare is a cyberattack. The integrity of their data  is lost the moment cybercriminals take complete control over it.

A large part of the IT workforce lacks the formal training required to effectively manage and maintain a secure environment for the company’s data and cyber footprint. The result of this is evident with the increasingly alarming rate of successful cyber attacks.

Organizations have analyzed the cost to implement the security needed to protect the company’s data against cyber threats. Businesses are moving their data to a reputable cloud hosting service and outsourcing the specialized IT workforce.

Businesses across Canada realize that migrating to a reputable cloud hosting service provides an unmatched level of security that simply can’t be duplicated in an on-site data center.


The cloud provides immeasurable storage space and offers your business a multitude of solutions. Cloud offerings are more flexible than an on-premises solution. You can choose to pay for what you use, nothing more. You do not have to subscribe to a server with high end specs when you may utilize half of it.


IT executives rate reliability as the most important attribute for their network.   Affordability, reliability and redundancy of Cloud hosted environments are also important factors. These large-scale environments have unmatched reliability using tier 4 data center infrastructure, as well as mechanisms to guarantee uptime and availability.

The Cloud is a Good Investment

Think of having all the data your company needs in one place.  Now think about how that will help your business save time and money.  Your operating costs will be minimized when you don’t have to spend on physical hardware and maintenance.  The cloud is a good investment for your business.  It will enhance your company’s productivity, eliminate your downtime and increase your ROI.

PlexxTech’s Managed Cloud

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